Art Therapy

Art Therapy Some of my earliest memories of being happy and content are either riding my little red bicycle—my first bicycle—or laying on the living room floor drawing. I would draw for hours. Mostly cartoons but other things as well. Pablo Picasso famously said that, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how toContinue reading “Art Therapy”

Food for Thought

Journal Entry 17 September 2022 It’s interesting that after so many years of working in commercial kitchens I now work in the home kitchen of a small group home; I’ve been there nearly 5 years. Though it is clean and orderly it is well stocked with equipment. Inversely, my teeny home kitchen, which is alsoContinue reading “Food for Thought”

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation Warning: blatant religious talk ahead. If this is not your thing keep scrolling. And I am fully aware that when I post with overtly religious tones (opposed to simply. “spiritual”) some followers immediately jump ship, and that is okay. But I’m starting off topic. Let me begin again, which is really whatContinue reading “Lost in Translation”

Ma Petite Cuisine

Ma petite cuisine (my tiny kitchen), or I should say, my tiny, crowded, disheveled, but very functional kitchen. I’ve worked in plenty of kitchens throughout my life but this is my favorite. It’s a galley really, a little longer than it is wide in a small 1860’s house in one of Buffalo’s older neighborhoods. ForContinue reading “Ma Petite Cuisine”

Easter Sunday

Melancholia, Melancholia. I know that you’re there. As you always have been. Hidden. In plain sight. A dark secret. You make things flat. And gray. I see you. Acknowledge you. But won’t accept you. Ever-present, you try to hide. Or camouflage as someone else. Something else. Shrouded as light. Though you are darkness. Pretending toContinue reading “Easter Sunday”

2 April 2022

(Partial) Journal Entry, 2 April 2022 I like to walk, I always have. It is without doubt my favorite form of transport (yes, even more than a bicycle). And at this age am truly grateful that I am able to do so (mostly) without pain. One of the things on my very full “bucket list”Continue reading “2 April 2022”

24 March 2022

(Note: if you are here for the recipe it is at the bottom of this post) 24 March 2022 Thursday. 11:30am. Starbucks on Delaware. Sitting in the same seat I often did while studying for a BA a few years ago. It feels oddly satisfying. Returned from NYC yesterday via Amtrak. It felt good toContinue reading “24 March 2022”

6 January 2022

Journal Entry, 6 January 2022 Thursday, 8pm Today I walked to and from work because of heavy snow. Two miles (3.2km) each way. It’s been snowing since last night and as I look out the window now big fat flakes are still falling. In the morning it was a literal whiteout at times where IContinue reading “6 January 2022”